The Book

3rd Edition

“If you want to know how to run a major golf event, you should go to someone who has run them for years — successfully. That’s Frank Bussey, This book is the how-to from someone that knows EXACTLY how-to!”
–John Feinstein, American Sportswriter and Commentator


About The Book

Operationally Speaking: 3nd Edition is master class in what it takes operationally to run a major golf, tennis, sporting, or major event.

Drawing on his vast experience, knowledge, and best practices he created over the last 30 years, author Frank Bussey tells you the secrets of operating events such as United States Open Golf Championships, International Players Tennis Championships, and World Cup Polo Championships.

It details all the steps that a planner needs to follow to set the site up, run the event efficiently, then, in the end, remove it. Offering practical and time-tested lessons about mapping the event, working with vendors, and how to plan for the inevitable problems that will arise.

“Operationally Speaking” is currently being used as a textbook by two major Universities.

“I have been personally using the book in my sport management classes for over 5 years at Farmingdale State College. The book has given our students an in depth knowledge to successfully have the capacity to run a major sporting event.”
–Jeffrey Poplarski, Licensed Sports Chiropractor



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