Excerpt From Chapter Two: Mapping

Operationally Speaking 2nd Edition

“There is an old way to map out the facilities on a golf course or any outdoor event. The old way is to call around to aerial photo companies to determine if there is an aerial of your site. If you find one, has it been flown recent enough to accurately depict the current site? If the aerial is suitable, you will need to have the aerial mapping company enlarge the photo. You will then trace the areas, using onion skin paper. You want to depict fairways, greens, tees, structures and have these items added to the Mylar so you can draw in your facilities. Having done so, you take the Mylar to a blueprint company to make blueprints of the map for you.

If there is no recent aerial available you will need to have the aerial company fly over and prepare an aerial photo for your use per the specifications mentioned above.

The next step is to contract an architect to add the features on the map. These include tents, trailers and bleachers, but you may need security and hazardous material locations as well.

Each time an architect touches the Mylar, it’s an additional expense.

The map may be revised a dozen times or more and each time it will incur an expense. However, there is a new way.

I have looked at the maps I generated in the past by the old method. They are unattractive and could only have been used for in house purposes. There are erasures shown on the map and the tents in the villages are grouped as one block.

Alternatively, the software is invaluable for placement of portopots, dumpsters, bleachers, office trailers, tents, decks, temporary roads, rope lines fencing and much more. I have used it to create a sign plan complete with directional arrows for spectators and a separate plan for parking routes and lots. I displayed security posts pre-, during and post- Championship. I also used it to show the medical coverage areas for the paramedic crews. The resulting maps and diagrams are very professional and may be shared with vendors and corporate supporters.

My advice is to use such a program whenever possible; it will save you a lot of time.”

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