Facility Placement, Harmony or Disaster

Facility design creates the necessary harmony at any outdoor event. Where you decide to place facilities for outdoor events is paramount to their success.

The placement of the corporate tents is first and foremost, due to the revenue produced.

Hopefully, you know the size each tent needs to be to maximize potential. The marketing team should have conducted this research. That being said, you need to leave some room between the tents for heating and air conditioning condensers if air or heat is going to be used. Make sure trees don’t come too close to the tents otherwise the tent company will have a problem raising the tents. On occasion, I have had to find the personnel to trim branches. Otherwise, the tent could not be raised.

Place your concessions where people can see them. It won’t help your revenue if spectators have to search for them. Keep them out of view of your television network coverage and size them to accommodate your anticipated crowds. Based upon the projected attendance, the concessionaire will be able to determine sizes and how many facilities will be needed on the course.

Take into consideration during the location process that these tents will need to be restocked at night with some kind of vehicle, usually a pickup truck. The concessionaire must have room behind each concession for power, waste water, propane tanks, hand washing stations and storage

Normally the spectator restroom facilities (portopots) would be placed adjacent to the concession areas and again, the appropriate number for the anticipated crowd. Check with the building department and your restroom provider if you are unsure about the number of units needed. Make sure you allow for truck access to all the locations to pump the units. It would be useless to have a great location and not be able to service it.

Enough 30 cubic yard capacity dumpsters should also be strategically placed around the course to ease trash removal. Remember, large trucks need access to these locations, and it is generally done at night. Don’t make it too difficult for the drivers; we don’t want them running into trees. It is difficult to determine the correct number of dumpsters all of the time. You may find, after the first day, the need to supplement or adjust locations.

For more examples, check out my book Operationally Speaking for more.