If you are having an event, you need a tow truck… maybe two

If you are running an event of any size you will need a tow truck on site and in most cases two or three of varying size. The numbers and size also depend upon the type of surface you park on, the time of the year and size of vehicles to be towed.

There are two main concerns. First someone will park where they are not supposed to and block a major artery for your buses or general traffic and you will need to remove the offender quickly. Secondly, if you should have rain of any magnitude and you are parking in a field or on grass it will get muddy real fast with vehicle traffic. You will need to have a tow truck on hand to pull the cars out if they get stuck.

There are other uses for the tow trucks; they can jump dead batteries as well as open windows when the keys are locked inside the vehicle as well as being a visible deterrent for people who might be thinking about parking in a no parking zone.

This is an important part of your event planning. You may need to stage one at the bus loop in the event a bus has a problem and needs to be moved out of the way quickly so as to not slow down the transportation system.

I can’t emphasize this enough.

If there is a problem with cars or buses blocking a lane you don’t want to be calling AAA for a tow…you need to move the vehicle immediately to keep traffic moving. It is amazing how fast gridlock can occur impacting not only your transportation system but all the roads in the surrounding area.

I have bartered for towing services in the past as it is normally long days for the drivers and costs add up fast.

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