It’s Your Choice

Don’t over complicate your event.

It’s hard enough. It doesn’t need to be rocket science.

Stick with the basics for planning and then expand from there.

Work out the size and kind of event you want to have and then where you want to hold it. Depending on the type of event you may need to hire celebrities help sell tickets or to participate.

This may be tennis or golf or something simpler. It may be televised if it is projected to be a very popular venue.

Work on the number of tickets which need to be sold along with corporate hospitality venues to insure profitability.

Secure enough parking with excess built in. Make sure you have a seasoned staff to help spread the planning burden around.

If these things seems like overwhelming then seek professionals to secure your success, they are waiting for the call… talk to them. They will know what you need to know and how to get it for you. Their fee will quickly be absorbed in the money they will save you in contract negotiations as well as knowing what will work from experience.

They will be able to tell you if your plan for the type of event you are thinking about makes sense or if it needs to be reworked or changed entirely. They can stop you from making the costly mistakes others have made.

You need a plan.

Events can be fun or they can be a nightmare. I have experienced both but have always found solutions to the nightmares. Events should be fun and once they get in your blood, there will never be anything else you want to do, but get on the right track

Where you start and where you end up is your choice.

Let us help you start.