You know what it is like to lose your keys.

Imaging that on a large scale: 50 office trailers with keys for two doors, keys for 6 pickup trucks, and even more keys for 3 forklifts. All of which need to be managed on a daily basis. Different drivers for the trucks, various forklift operators, and a stream of different people coming into the trailers to install telephone and internet lines and deliver furniture, bottled water, and copier machines.

That’s a lot of people handing a lot of keys.

That’s a lot to keep track of.

You need a plan.

For starters, you need a strict sign in/out sheet and duplicate keys to everything. However, that’s not going to save you from people losing your keys. You need a key board displaying the keys according to name and type. Someone needs to own the responsibility of the keys. Someone who will pay attention because when things get busy people tend to focus on other things and the system breaks down.

You need a plan that will run itself. You need to make your vendors and employees understand they have to follow the plan or there won’t be any keys available when they need them. No keys, they can’t do their work. That impacts their bottom line. Trust me, they’ll listen.

There is nothing worst when you need a forklift to unload a truck and there is no key because one of the interns has it in their pocket. The amount of energy expelled trying to find that key could light a city for the day. Use your energy better.

Make a plan and follow it.

If you need help making that plan. Contact me. I’ve dealt with hundreds of thousands of keys (and people who lose them) over my long career. I know a thing or two about NOT losing them.