If you are doing an event regardless of size and you feel little you are a little over your head or maybe you just need another point of view, reach out to professionals, the people who understand what you are going through, who may have the answers you are searching for. The odds are good.

The compensation for any agreement you might do is the last thing to be concerned about. There are a multitude of ways to absorb any costs. Over the years I have asked 1000’s of questions concerning topics across the board, hiring people in the fields where I needed them. It made sense and became part of the master plan.

The cost for the short term agreements became minor in comparison with what I saved by the knowledge they contributed. The time I saved was well worth the money I paid for the services but it needs to fit your situation.

You may need help in facility layout or parking and traffic plans. You may need help with the building department or finding the right tent company for the size of your event.

Reach out to the people in the profession who have already put together plans that have been proven to work.

Pick up the phone or send an email. See what it will take to get you to the next level. At one point we have all stood where you are.