Return the Phone Call

How many times have we been on the receiving end of someone not returning your phone call?

I’m not talking about a cold call. I’m talking about placing a call to a vendor or staff member concerning an answer, you need before you can move forward but the return call doesn’t come.

Look at you watch for 2 minutes.

Can you imagine what you can say within that time? It can be more than a little irritating when you have to hound someone for an answer which should have taken less than two minutes. It could now take all day to chase them down for a response.

Depending upon the urgency of the answers needed, filling up a mailbox has been known to work, but only as a last resort. The answers needed are not about the weather though they could be but rather ones which could impact your event rather drastically so it’s a big deal

There are reasons for not returning calls, not valid ones, however:

  • You don’t have or know the answers to the questions so you in turn have to chase someone down for the answer before you can respond to your question.
  • You are so overloaded that you aren’t returning any phone calls with the hopes the person will just go away… unlikely.
  • You will have to give an answer the person will not like and that intimidates you.
  • The worst of all reasons, you just don’t want to make the call.

Whatever the reason, remember, it can take two minutes or less to answer the question so everyone can move on. Even if you don’t know the answer to the question, respect demands that you make a quick call to touch base.

I put this out there for all the people who are waiting for answers right now or maybe for those who need to pick up the phone and return someone’s call.

Pick up the phone. People don’t forget.