Table of Contents

Chapter One – Site Review

Chapter Two – Mapping

Chapter Three – Facility Placement

Chapter Four – Construction

Chapter Five – Building Department

Chapter Six – Vendors

Chapter Seven – Living on the Edge

Chapter Eight – Fear

Chapter Nine – Tents and Furniture

Chapter Ten – Trailers

Chapter Eleven – Electrical and HVAC

Chapter Twelve – Ecology

Chapter Thirteen – Communications

Chapter Fourteen – Security and Law Enforcement

Chapter Fifteen – Parking and Traffic

Chapter Sixteen – Corporate

Chapter Seventeen – ADA

Chapter Eighteen – Other Hospitality Venues

Chapter Nineteen – Decor

Chapter Twenty – Landscape

Chapter Twenty One – Merchandise

Chapter Twenty Two – Media

Chapter Twenty Three – Concessions

Chapter Twenty Four – Catering

Chapter Twenty Five – Grandstands

Chapter Twenty Six – Fencing

Chapter Twenty Seven – Signage

Chapter Twenty Eight – Admissions

Chapter Twenty Nine – Television Networks

Chapter Thirty – Schedule

Chapter Thirty One – Volunteers & Wellness Team

Chapter Thirty Two – Staffing

Chapter Thirty Three – Club Harmony

Chapter Thirty Four – Restoration

Chapter Thirty Five – Time To Go

Chapter Thirty Six – Operations Punch List


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