Tell it like it is, it’s easier.

You can dance around the truth or spend an hour trying to come up with words to minimize its impact when you finally say the truth, but the bottom line is facts don’t change so why try to distort them.

I can’t count the meetings I have sat in waiting for the person speaking to get to the point they were trying to make. If they had put the facts on the table for the problem they were trying to solve, they could have involved the entire group of people to tackle the problem instead of trying to hide them. It will come out eventually anyway.

If you are a person who tells it like it is, people will seek you out and ask you what you think in meetings with your peers because they know you will tell them the truth.

You can’t worry about telling the truth …it’s much easier than trying to come up with something which isn’t true. If you have made a mistake and you are agonizing over what to tell your superior, unlike lies, the truth will always diffuse a situation and allow everyone to continue to move forward. It will be appreciated more than trying to deflect the mistake. People appreciate hearing the truth in the end.

Wouldn’t you?