Things aren’t always as they seem.

How many times have you heard that?

I was working as the Stadium Manager for Palm Beach Polo and Country Club some years ago and it was the finals of World Cup Polo, so it was a pretty big deal. After every round, the players would ride to the edge of the field where they would be handed wet and dry towels to wipe their faces as the dust and mud would invariably be all over their faces after enduring the rigors of such an aggressive sport.

After cleaning up, they would dismount and the trophies would be awarded.

The towels were kept in the locker room close to the award presentation area and I would always go pick them up a few minutes before the end of the match and make my way to the field.

On this particular Sunday however when I put the key in the door and turned it, the lock disengaged half way.

As I kicked the door in to get to the towels, the President of Palm Beach Polo happened to walk by.

It would have seemed I had lost my mind, but in reality it made perfect sense to replace a $100 door instead of not having towels for the players finishing the finals of World Cup Polo.

The President would agree with my decision later.

It was the right choice.

How many times have your actions seemed wrong on the surface but under finer scrutiny made perfect sense. These are the things which define us.