What We Do


Design, planning, and implementation of virtually any event.

For over 20 years, I directed all operations for the U.S. Open Golf Championship, the most prestigious golf championship in the world. Each year, I developed workable site plans based upon the uniqueness of the topography and site conditions. Based on those plans, I designed, constructed, and operated a temporary city for 50,000 people a day for seven days.

Then I took it out.

From Football to Polo, I have been involved in major sporting event. From directing Super Bowl Hospitality operations in San Diego, managing Palm Beach Polo and Country Club’s stadium, to orchestrating the move of Tennis’ premier Miami Open to Key Biscayne, Miami.

The services we provide apply to any event or site requiring multifaceted operations. We will fine tune your event into one that is efficient, cost effective, and successful.

Our goal is your goal: a successful event!


Event Consulting

We will take your idea or concept and formulate an operations plan to run the event. This plan includes detailed documentation and contracts for vendors. We provide a level of expertise that will minimize mistakes and risks.



There is another way. We can teach a designee the mapping aspect of the program. We will fly the aerial, provide the licensed program, place the known facilities at the time, and come to your site for 3 days of extensive training with the mapping software.
Training doesn’t get any more hands-on.


Full Service Mapping

Depending upon the site for your event, Sports Operations LLC can design the site to scale inclusive of all facilities such as tents, portable restrooms, temporary roads if necessary, concession, and medical locations. These are working maps that fit Building & Fire Departments need for permit applications and can be used autonomously to assist set up.

Look over our services and see which one suits your needs. I would love to hear about your event and discuss how I could impact the success of your plans.