Event Consulting

We will take your idea or concept and formulate an operations plan to run the event. We will provide project income based upon my 40 years of experience as well projected costs for every area of the event.

This will be listed on an Excel sheet provided along with a map of the site for the sale of corporate hospitality suites and other normal facilities.
I will provide all the necessary contracts for the vendors discussed at our first meeting.

The size of the event really is not an issue as the elements of every event encompass the same qualities. The size of facilities and staff are adjusted to accommodate the size of the event.

The cost for Sports Operations to provide consulting is directly based upon the scope necessary.

We are available to provide consulting internationally and look forward to the challenges.

Events are not an exact science. The elements involved are constantly moving and you need someone who understands what it takes to keep up with that constant movement.

You need someone who is used to massive crowds on a daily basis and is capable of training staff to accommodate the crowd’s needs.

You need a plan.
You need Sports Operations LLC.