Full Service Mapping

Depending upon the site for your event Sports Operations LLC can design the site to scale inclusive of all facilities such as tents, portable restrooms, temporary roads if necessary, concession and medical locations.

Once designed, Sports Operations LLC can continue to make changes to the site right up to the event start date ,providing full blueprint size maps(34”x44’) for the entire site medical, police, corporate hospitality as well as other items you may wish to add.

These maps are exactly what the Building and Fire department need for permit applications. They assist the police and fire departments with better information to organize their coverage of the site. The maps assist vendors in knowing where they are to place their facilities. They assist the staff in being able to place the facilities autonomously instead of having to have one person lead them around.

Contact me for pricing on the package. It includes 3 2-day site visits after the initial visit.

This saves time and money.

You need a plan.
You need Sports Operations LLC.