Who Wants to be First?

To try a new bleacher system, a new telecom system, new admission software, new power generators or new point of sale software at all your concessions or anywhere which may accept credit cards at your event ;it could be a stretch..

New is somewhat intimidating. You really don’t know if it will work properly; it could have some glitches which may cause it to go down. What would be the consequences if that happened? How much revenue in lost sales would you have until the system is up again?

What if the internet went down in the media tent? What would you do?

There are things you can do.

You can have redundancy for generators so if one goes down the other picks up the slack. You have multiple internet systems in the media tent so if one goes down you switch to the other. Admission software going down would not be the end of the world. You would miss some history but everyone would still be accounted for until it goes back up.

Software going down anywhere where you are taking credit cards could be devastating if you are say generating $1000 every 2 minutes in a merchandise tent or if you only have 2 minutes before the next high profile group passes your concession location. The people won’t wait for the system to come back up. They will pass up the sandwich or shirt they were going to buy because they don’t want to miss the players they want to see. New bleachers need to be tested and seen long before you decide to use them. If they can’t be installed within the time line, there is impending disaster so choose wisely. There needs to be backup systems in the profile areas which will switch automatically if one system fails.

This is called a plan with a backup plan. We all need backup plans.

Let us be your backup plan.