Why people want to get into events

This topic would be worthy of a new chapter in my book Operationally Speaking, an event operations guide (now in its 3rd Edition) or at least a speech.

I can only speak for myself but to sum up in one sentence, it would be the only job that kept my interest for over 40 years.

It’s never boring. Every day there is something new to challenge you. No two days are the same. No two event sites are the same.

From time to time, it requires you to come up with solutions to problems no one has ever seen before. How exciting is that? The building departments and fire marshals change from site to site requiring extreme tact to get to where you need to be. Some of these officials are open for interpretation of the codes, others are very rigid. It will become an art. Sometimes you will win your point, other times you won’t. You will need to be prepared. You need their support for any event you are involved with.

You may run into unions who want all your work which would require a different negotiating skill which you may or may not have. If not, it will be something you will not forget for future negotiations.

Events will require you to work long hours and miss meals, but you won’t care. The event business is one of passion and commitment to finish on time no matter what it takes from you, but it is that deadline that keeps your adrenaline high.

I have never had more fun. Where else can you try new ideas to see if they will work and if they don’t have the ability to try something else hopefully with better results? You get paid to learn new skills, operating heavy equipment, teaching future event staff with the skills they will need to succeed in the field.

Don’t ever get the impression that the event business is easy. You, at times, are coordinating every facet of the event which could include security, parking and traffic, all construction of tents and décor, office trailers, landscape, admission tickets, banners and the list goes on. Any one of these areas can have a meltdown at any time which would require quick thinking to fix.

I provided a checklist in the back of my book which covers all areas.

I could go on, but I will conclude. If events or operations get in your blood, there will never be another job for you.