You might need a trailer for your event

You will have a need for trailers of some type. Office trailers come in all kinds of styles, sizes, colors and conditions.

If you are constructing a building and you need a construction trailer, you aren’t really going to care what it looks like, but at an event, if it is going to be visible, it will need to have a consistent appearance. From the outset, inform the vendor that you aren’t going to accept trailers in disrepair. In all probability, you will not need the 110 trailers used for a major golf championship from year to year, but what you need should still be consistent in appearance.

The trailers need to be in good condition, unless they aren’t going to be seen and you are putting construction vendors in them. You may need to inspect the trailers in the yard before they are shipped if you have any concerns.

Everything needs to work in the trailers; no broken outlets or air conditioning that doesn’t work. Fixing these things on site will be a pain and time consuming. The exterior paint needs to be of a consistent color with other trailers on site, unless they won’t be seen by spectators. If necessary, the company may need to come on site and repaint the trailer. I have had trailers painted at a number of events due to the condition they were in upon arrival.

Trailers at most events do not have the bathrooms hooked up, as it requires the additional expense of running water to the trailer and installing holding tanks that need to pumped periodically. Some trailers will need to have restroom facilities, depending upon the occupant or the length of contract.

If the trailers are only used for a week, then in most cases, the built-in restrooms can be used for additional storage. There are normally portable toilets in close proximity.

Every trailer ordered might not have the exact interior floor plan you need. You can have walls added or removed, but know that you may have to pay the trailer company to restore the trailer to its original configuration. You need to discuss this with the vendor in advance.

If you have a large event, additional consideration must be given to the delivery schedule of these trailers. It would be impossible to deliver 90 or 100 trailers, block and level, hook up power, phones and cable during a month’s period. Work with your trailer vendor and develop a plan to accept delivery as soon as the trailers are available. The trailer vendor will normally work with you, as they understand the scope of this process. Since you are normally paying a one month’s rental minimum, you will want all the trailers on-site at least one month prior to the event.

If you want to know more, consider my book “Operationally Speaking”, An Event Operations Guide.