You’re Losing Ground, What Do You Do?

You’re setting up for your event and you’re getting behind your critical timeline. Maybe it has rained for a week slowing down construction of your tents or flow; or maybe supplies are late in coming to the site; or one of you key vendors has a problem and won’t be there for a few days.

You compensate in the areas where you can work and get something finished. If you can’t paint lumber outside due to the weather, you throw up a tent and paint there. If an area of the site is too wet to work on, move the crews to another area of the site which needs to be finished. You have to find ways to keep moving forward as the event will start whether you are finished or not.

Above all, have meetings with your vendors to address the situation and find out what the problem is and have them help you address it. Their cooperation is the only way you will be able to finish any event on time.

Have your backup plan or someone in place to solve these problems so you don’t have to scramble when this happens to you and I guarantee it will.